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Google, finally, officially release a storage service based on cloud technology, Google Drive. This service will integrate with Google Docs and gives a possibility for users to gain access to files or documents from anywhere and to work a document with friends simultaneously. Google Docs, as announced through their official Google blog,more
The Next Web has gotten a release draft from a Google partner about Google Drive service. Couple information is gathered, one of those says that the service can be obtained 5 GB storage media free of charge. Other important information is that this service will work in either Window’s ormore
I read somewhere that showing your client the full range of your creative ideas during a project is important, the rationale being that the client is entitled to see the ideas coming from the creative professional who they have hired and invested in. While this approach has some benefits, inmore
The other day a design came across my desk for coordinated letterhead, business cards, post cards, and pens. It was colorful, creative, and stimulating. Or maybe I should say over-stimulating. My eyes didn’t really know where to focus. Four different fonts were used in different areas, six different colors, andmore
Web Apps Web design and development has significantly changed over the years, as have the tools and technologies involved. With these advancements come tools to make our lives easier, provide higher quality work and better services for our clients. Communication and collaboration over vast distances is no longer painfully frustratingmore
Google recently announced that it’s algorithm will factor in page load speed in addition to the other 200 or so ranking factors currently employed. This move, broadly welcomed by web developers and users, means it is now more important than ever to optimize the speed of your websites. Speed optimisation will not only keep Google happy,more
One of the best logo type I really like is a logo in the form of typographic (wordmark). Because it is simple, unique and long last. Typographic logo is best suited for an identity which consists of a short and easy remember name. The weakness of typographic logo is thatmore
Although Adobe has constantly been enhancing Photoshop with some magical new tools and commands, there are a lot of pretty awesome third party plugins that can do some serious stuff that you still can’t achieve with Photoshop itself. Most of these plugins are commercial, but fortunately some of them aremore
Naming your design business can be tough. After all, once you decide on a name you should probably stick with it. Your business name will affect how potential clients perceive you, how well past clients will remember, and what kind of clients you get. So how can you find amore


Wanted to say a personal thanks to Bayu and also recommend him to anyone who may be considering using his services. Bayu designed our new company logo and was very patient professional and efficient in coming back to us with our (many !) revision. Bayu had a genuine interest in seeing the project through to the point where we were 100% happy...
Barry O'Brien
Wilton Waste Recycling, Ireland
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