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About Us

Based on the experiences since 1993 as a Design Head of National Scout magazine and an event organizer, finally in August 2002, Bayu decided to become a freelancer. Most of his job is serving people with his design through the internet.

His favorite is designing the logo rather than doing any other jobs he got. He has designed thousand of logos for the contests or projects purpose recently.

creatiVectors, with the support of a strong team, have make a big change for the concept of their site. They add some interesting articles and tutorials about the design. They also sell many logo designs which haven’t been used before to be owned exclusively. Template web is also offered on the site.


Bayu L. Goenantyo creative designer & founder

He had known graphic design since he still studied at the university in 1993. He learned alot of things when he worked at the studio at that time, such as publishing (magazine), photograph and multimedia (animation).

By the time he graduated in 1997 and got the degree in economic, he had decided to take graphic design more seriously as his job. His opinion is “World of graphic is wide and challenging , you can learn a new thing every single day and it never last.”


Cecep Arifudin web designer & SEO manager

Arif or Cecep as his nickname, works as an IT practiced. His jobs mainly deal with web development, web maintenances, SEO, site marketing, wordpress addict, and internet base software development everyday. He graduated in 2004 with an outstanding result in communication degree. However, he became more and more avid with IT world.

Based on his experiences as a project manager when he was working in a company – which core
businesses are IT development, implemantion and solution, Arif became more confident with his skill and work performance. Finally in the end of 2010, he decided to go on by himself as a freelancer. He really wants to explore more of the IT world, especially web development. He said “I always want to step ahead and to know new things about technologies, especially internet world.”


Edwan Nayadilaga editor & admin

Edwan had graduated from the University of Wisconsin, USA in 1995 with a degree in art. He had known all the graphic stuffs since he was still in the collage. After graduating, he had been working at an event organizer for quite some times.

He is always fascinated by the beauty of art. He thinks “Life will be more colorful when there is a piece of art in it”.


Aurora Florence social media editor & admin

After graduated from the High School, Aurora had a few work experience in offices, but she found out that it didn’t suit her, so she decided to stop and preferred to spend her time on the internet, doing what she loves: write and read.

As time goes by, she has become a team management of a hypnotherapist expert, helping with editing website content, article, and e-book. “I can write best in the silence and solitude of the night, when everyone has retired.” – Zane Grey.

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