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Google Drive (not to be confused with Google’s existing internal Gdrive project, code-named Platypus) is a web application to allow Google users – those with a Google account – to store their files, accessible everywhere. Let’s hand out 100 Gigabytes for starters, just to have some wow factor like whenmore
The golden rule of blogging is offer valuable content.  This tip trumps a good design, flashy graphics, twitter integration, powerful links, even advertisements. However, quality content can be improved with an applicable and eye-catching screenshot.  Here are some tips and tools for creating awesome screenshots for your WordPress posts. Choosingmore
Google again is taking another big step to bring all the services they have, such as Android Market, Google Videos, Google Books and Google Music, into one application. They have done this before in bringing together privacy policies of their services. Google Play or we can call it Google Playmore
Almost all businesses are going online these days but most of the business owners completely ignore the importance of a User friendly website. Getting a website is Simple but still most of the website designers don’t give any attention on how to provide a friendly experience to the visitors ofmore
I’m always fascinated to see where and how other people work and today I wanted to share my personal set up, focusing on the tools & resources I use every day as a designer. Part one will be focused on the hardware and part two, will be the software & appsmore
In the dark ages, when pigeons delivered the mail or smoke signals were the most efficient form of communication, spam wasn’t a problem. It all started with junk mail in our letter boxes. Piles of advertising that took up space, time and energy. When electronic mail was invented it seemedmore
Now a day, making a good and cheap or even free website is getting easier than before because there is a program called OPENSOURCE CMS (Content Management System). So what is exactly OPEN SOURCE? Open Source is a code, it means codes for programing. A program with an Open Source licensemore
I’ve been freelance designing for a few years now and there’s one thing I never seem to have enough of: Time. And since I know for a fact that there are only 24 hours in the day no matter where you live on the planet, I bet you’ve run intomore
When selecting or designing a theme for your blog there are some key design considerations. How wide should it be? How many columns should you use? What colors work best? What fonts are easiest to read? What color schemes are easiest to read? This article will look at some of thesemore


Wanted to say a personal thanks to Bayu and also recommend him to anyone who may be considering using his services. Bayu designed our new company logo and was very patient professional and efficient in coming back to us with our (many !) revision. Bayu had a genuine interest in seeing the project through to the point where we were 100% happy...
Barry O'Brien
Wilton Waste Recycling, Ireland
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