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This is a guest article contributed by Nora Reed*. – In this world of lightening fast development, professionals can find it hard to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest. Similarly, some designers who wish to stay updated, just don’t really know how to go about it. These simple & effectivemore
Following Facebook success, Google creates Google Buzz and Google+. And now the biggest search engine also follows the success of other online storage services such as Dropbox, iCloud, Skydrive, Box.net and so on. Google creates what they call Google Drive. This service is known to offer a storage up tomore
Earlier this year, I started a self project. I called it Project 365 Vector Characters. Even as a child, I was always doodling wacky creatures and animals in my sketch pad. I would give them names and assign funny attributes to them. After discovering the joy that is Illustrator a couplemore
PSD files can be a useful asset to your projects, thus why not download them and apply them? In my opinion I recommend starting a well thought-out collection of commercially free PSD files on your computer. In this way, you can save loads of your valuable time in the futuremore
jQuery is one of the most accepted JavaScript library that possesses an enormous collection of plugins which makes it even more powerful. On the other hand, there is a good deal of additional codes or modules, from simple alert functions to multifaceted galleries or form validation methods, that are hard-codedmore
Found this nice infographic over at Mostash.com.  It outlines the true impact of WordPress on the content-driven WWW.  The market share of WordPress is amazing, especially when you add both self-hosted and WordPress.org sites.  There’s also some very interesting history of WordPress represented here.     Written by: Dusty. Source: http://www.pingable.org
You logged into Google today, viewed you referring keywords, and BAM: One of the top referrers was: “(not provided)”. Google have introduced a new feature into their search where logged in users have search defaulting to SSL. Supposedly this is only meant to be affecting 10% of statistics, as apparentlymore
We designers are always on the lookout for inspiration. We often find it in unlikely places. A splash of paint on a kindergartner’s overalls can be just what it takes to transform an ordinary project into something extraordinary. The way the sunlight reflects off the surface of a body ofmore
We all know that WordPress is an awesome Content Management System cum Blogging Platform. In fact, it is also the most popular blogging tool all over the internet. Name any other CMS – WordPress eats them all out for lunch! However, as a web designer/developer/enthusiast, being knowledgeable about an extramore


Wanted to say a personal thanks to Bayu and also recommend him to anyone who may be considering using his services. Bayu designed our new company logo and was very patient professional and efficient in coming back to us with our (many !) revision. Bayu had a genuine interest in seeing the project through to the point where we were 100% happy...
Barry O'Brien
Wilton Waste Recycling, Ireland
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