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Google, finally, officially release a storage service based on cloud technology, Google Drive. This service will integrate with Google Docs and gives a possibility for users to gain access to files or documents from anywhere and to work a document with friends simultaneously.

Google Docs, as announced through their official Google blog, Tuesday (3/24), now directly built on Google Drive. This means users can work a document, a spreadsheet, and a presentation with their colleagues in real-time.

After sharing content with others, users can also add or reply comment regarding the document that has been done together. A notification will notify users if there is a new comment coming.

One of an interesting feature of this service is tagging or smart marker. Users can tag an item stored in a storage locker to ease the user in searching for a document or photo by typing a related key word.

It’s not only that, Google Drive has also adopted Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology or text identification feature on a scanned document.

Users do not have to bother with installing so many softwares on their device. This is because Google Drive allows many different kinds of files, such as PSD format (Photoshop), AI (Adobe Illustrator) or HD Video, to be opened through the browser.

As a promotion Google offers user a free 4 GB storage capacity. If they want more, users have to dig their pocket.

Upgrade to 25 GB will cost you US$ 2.49 every month. While to enjoy 100 GB or 1 terabytes, Google offers you the price of US$ 4.99 for the former and US$ 49.99 for the last every month.


Written by: Cecep Arifuddin


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